Are Oil Based Cosmetics For Me?

Does the idea of using an oil based cosmetic seem strange to you?  You are not alone!    Many people have the same reaction when asked how they feel about cosmetic oils or oil based beauty products.

At Aphrodite’s Oil Boutique we understand how individuals could feel this way.  That’s why we recommend, if you have never tried an oil-based product, to start out slowly by adding just a few drops of your preferred infused oil to your moisturizer. You will notice that from the first use, these few drops will transform your skin and make it feel truly hydrated.  You will see and feel a drastic difference in how refreshed and resilient the skin will feel.  As you adjust to the oil, you may gradually want to start increasing the amount of oil and reducing the amount of moisturizer being applied.  For first time oil users we recommend starting out by trying this with a gentle oil such as our Blue Passion Flower Oil or Chamomile Oil.  Try It and Please Share with us your experience on this blog post or on our FaceBook Page.

anti-wrinkleAll skin types can benefit from the use of Infused Cosmetic Oils.

Based on skin type this is why using face oil is recommended:

DRY SKIN? Individuals with dry skin will love adding an infused Cosmetic Oil to their moisturizer.  The oil will help the appearance of dry, tired looking skin by minimizing flakiness, redness, or dry patches.   Using oils on dry skin is more effective than using a moisturizer alone since it creates an even skin tone.  Why you ask?  It’s because oil products are fortified with vitamins and a well-known natural emollient.

OILY SKIN? Oily skin will also love the addition of Infused Cosmetic Oils to the skin care routine due to the fact that adding oil actually  helps balance the production of sebum creating a less oily skin.  Who would have guessed that applying oil actually tells he skin…”hey produce less oils…our owner is taking care of the oil for us!!” Many people don’t believe this concept but if you try it for yourself with our Lemon Oil, Cypress Oil or Chamomile Oil, you will see the results.

NORMAL SKIN? Lastly normal skin types can also benefit from the added moisture provided by Infused Cosmetic Oils.  Throughout the day stress, the environment, and weather will affect the skin. Moisturizing with an oil based cosmetic will help minimize the effects these stressors have on the skin by creating a line of defense.  The more moisturized the skin the more resilient it will be.

Thanks for reading our blog today.  Please test out our theory and post your thoughts.