One Little Trick For Longer Healthier Hair

Summer is almost here and to our surprise many celebrities have taken on a new hair style. Looks like short hair is in this season!!! Even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have abandoned the long lengths. So what does that mean for us?
FullSizeRenderMaybe your hair is damaged from processing?  Maybe you are tired of the cost of extensions?  Maybe you just want a fresh start for your hair?  Regardless of the reason why the best part of this news is it gives those of us looking to growing out our own hair a chance to do so naturally and be in style while doing it!

Everyone looking for hair growth can achieve longer and stronger hair with a little discipline. So what’s the secret you ask? There is no secret! It just takes investing a little bit of time every week. Moisturizing the hair strand with an olive oil treatment weekly can do wonders for the way hair looks and feels. The Vitamins and Anti-oxidants in Olive Oil will provide the nutrients the hair needs to become more resilient to breakage thus promoting growth.

So whats the plan?  First, apply the oil treatment to the entire scalp and then proceed with saturating the hair strand. The longer you leave the treatment oil on the scalp the better. Leaving it on overnight would be fantastic but if time is of essence, do it for 20 minutes! Once the oil is applied take the time to stimulate the scalp in order to aid in the hair growth. Stimulating the scalp is simple;all you have to do is apply pressure with your fingers. Gently pressing up and down on the scalp. Please be gentle, don’t pull out existing hair!

If you have never used an olive oil hair treatment, such as our HAIR ANGEL LINE, take it from us you will love the results. Our Hair Angel Oil Treatments not only are made from fresh, high quality olive oil but they are also ENRICHED with the infusion of herbs known for their ability to condition and revitalize the hair and scalp such as:

  •  Lavender
  •  Rosemary
  •  Sage
  •  Bay leaf
  •  Nettle
  •  Cypress Cones

The results from the oil treatments will be amazing! Once you remove the treatment by shampooing, your hair will feel soft and manageable. Not to mention that your hair will smell fresh from the herbs and be amazingly shiny. Do It! Enjoy the new look and feeling of manageable flawless hair.