Amazing Chamomile Oil

Have you ever read the ingredient list on your most favorite moisturizer? We are pretty sure that the first ingredient will be water. We all know that water is great for many purposes but do we really wanted it to be the leading ingredient in our moisturizer?

chamomile skin oil

chamomile skin oil

When it’s time to moisturize and replenish your face from the daily stress, you want something that’s concentrated and powerful. That’s why facial oils are so amazing. Facial oils using olive oil as their base are concentrated and full of vitamins E, K and an abundance of cosmetic properties.

When applied at night facial oils deeply hydrate the skin and replenish its nutrients so that you wake up to an amazing smooth and flawless complexion. Overtime, the amazing affects of olive oil will help minimize and soften any signs of aging. The natural vitamin E found in olive oil based cosmetics helps eliminate and minimize any skin imperfections.

If you’ve never tried a facial oil, we recommend starting out with our Chamomile Oil. ¬†Chamomile Oil is known for its calming properties and gentleness. Chamomile oil or Calming Odyssey is an amazing, light and gentle oil for all types of skin. From the first use you will notice a more even tone to your skin and an incredible moisture and softness as well.

Try it and let us know what you think!

Also thank you to simply Sonia for the photo!