Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the preferred provider of quality olive oil based cosmetic solutions. The content of every bottle in our unique product line is naturally derived following natural processes, utilizing the purest and highest quality ingredients ­ EVERY TIME!! We take pride in the solutions that we offer because we are committed to helping our clients preserve their youthfulness NATURALLY.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to transfer the combination of the limitless cosmetic powers of olive oil with those of handpicked herbs into every aspect of our product line. This way we can consistently exceed our clients’ expectations through superb quality cosmetic solutions. Cosmetic solutions which we promise to be derived from only the purest and most natural resources which will provide exceptional results. We make our products fresh and often in order to ensure that their properties remain intact.  Our products can be used fearlessly to cleanse, condition, moisturize and replenish the skin for all generations.



Our love and respect for nature and people has guided us to create the most natural and effective products possible for ourselves and our customers.

So what’s our story you ask?

In the early 80’s a young chemical engineering graduate after working for a chemical company for a while, replaced her love for Chemistry with the appreciation for Nature and the Environment.  Moreover, being a lover of Ancient Greece, she became more and more fascinated by the cosmetic and healing powers of Olive Oil and Herbs as utilized in the Cosmetic Art of Ancient Greeks. This fascination resulted in her taking her knowledge and converting it to solutions. She started with making natural products for everyday issues – “Someone had acne.” “The baby has diaper rash”, that she gave to family members. As the years progressed family members were so impressed with the natural solutions that word of mouth soon took these creations to another level. Before she knew it peers, strangers and even veterinarians were demanding her products.

As her venture continued this chemical engineer soon became a godmother. Her goddaughter sought her advice throughout the years as she was growing up and they built a very special relationship. As the goddaughter reached puberty she developed severe acne. The godmother offered natural topical solutions for the acne but the goddaughter declined time after time.

In later years the goddaughter, now an adult college graduate with a sales management career, was fascinated with beauty and the preservation of youth. In her quest to find the best cosmetic solutions she tried almost every product, by every major cosmetic label and spent thousands of dollars doing so. The godmother, a cosmetics artist by now, would make different cosmetic products for her, but the offers were declined again.  The years passed and the goddaughter developed severe eczema and seasonal allergies. She tried various prescriptions and over the counter products BUT NOTHING would help her skin. The skin looked so bad from the patchy dryness that even her esthetician declined to provide her facial services at a regular visit.

At this point the goddaughter felt so ugly because of the stressed skin and frustrated from the lack of solutions. The godmother saw the 30 year old’s face filed with frustration and once again requested that she try one of the moisturizing and conditioning oil solutions.  The godmother said “Wash your face with it and then apply it as a moisturizer as well. Just give it a week.” Feeling hopeless the goddaughter followed the godmother’s  instructions and to her surprise within a week the spots from the eczema had softened and the skin appeared normal again. The goddaughter, with her renewed confidence and curiosity, began trying the other products that her godmother developed.  The more products she tried, the more  impressed she was by their result and she couldn’t stop talking about them.

That’s how it all began. The goddaughter’s passion about the product line was so great she felt the need to make these cosmetic solutions accessible to people who need them. So the two combined their individual talents to create what is now Aphrodite’s Oil Boutique.