Causes of Rapidly Aging Skin and Products That Can Help

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against everything. Unfortunately, this means that it takes a lot of abuse. Your skin is going to age as your body does. There’s absolutely nothing that can be done about this. However, there are certain things you can do to slow the aging process as much as possible. There are several bad habits that can actually cause you to look older in a shorter period of time.

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Olive oil is a common cooking ingredient that can usually be found in almost every kitchen, but do you know some other benefits for skin, hair and health? Through this Infographic, you will get to know about the beauty benefits of low acidity level olive oil. Whether you want to simply moisturize or make your skin blemish-free, olive oil is extremely versatile for beauty care. Different oils have different qualities, but natural oils are best to treat common skin conditions.

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Acne Explained

Nearly everybody in the entire world is going to deal with some sort of break out at one point or another in their lives. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that anybody faces. It’s a natural response to hormonal changes, and a way of our skin expressing what’s going on inside of our bodies. Acne results when dead skin cells, debris, and excessive amounts of oil clog up the pores, and cause swelling.

When we enter puberty, our bodies begin to produce more oils due to serious hormonal changes. This shocks the system and often causes acne in adolescence. Many of these red bumps will get small whiteheads that show A build-up of puss or infection. For the most part, this goes away after puberty, and adults can live relatively acne-free. But, there are times when acne follows us throughout our lives and can be extremely disruptive.

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5 Reasons You Should Consider Using Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy is considered to be a great alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials which are also known as essential oils. According to research studies conducted in several countries show positive effects to several health concerns such as tumors, nausea, pain, depression, infections and anxiety.

These oils can always be inhaled by patients suffering from a variety of health conditions. Aromatherapy is usually used to help in improving mood, changing cognitive states and at times utilized as a supplemental medicine. Here are five reasons why you should consider using the Aromatherapy oils.

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Amazing Chamomile Oil

Have you ever read the ingredient list on your most favorite moisturizer? We are pretty sure that the first ingredient will be water. We all know that water is great for many purposes but do we really wanted it to be the leading ingredient in our moisturizer?

chamomile skin oil

chamomile skin oil

When it’s time to moisturize and replenish your face from the daily stress, you want something that’s concentrated and powerful. That’s why facial oils are so amazing. Facial oils using olive oil as their base are concentrated and full of vitamins E, K and an abundance of cosmetic properties.

When applied at night facial oils deeply hydrate the skin and replenish its nutrients so that you wake up to an amazing smooth and flawless complexion. Overtime, the amazing affects of olive oil will help minimize and soften any signs of aging. The natural vitamin E found in olive oil based cosmetics helps eliminate and minimize any skin imperfections.

If you’ve never tried a facial oil, we recommend starting out with our Chamomile Oil.  Chamomile Oil is known for its calming properties and gentleness. Chamomile oil or Calming Odyssey is an amazing, light and gentle oil for all types of skin. From the first use you will notice a more even tone to your skin and an incredible moisture and softness as well.

Try it and let us know what you think!

Also thank you to simply Sonia for the photo!

One Little Trick For Longer Healthier Hair

Summer is almost here and to our surprise many celebrities have taken on a new hair style. Looks like short hair is in this season!!! Even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have abandoned the long lengths. So what does that mean for us?
FullSizeRenderMaybe your hair is damaged from processing?  Maybe you are tired of the cost of extensions?  Maybe you just want a fresh start for your hair?  Regardless of the reason why the best part of this news is it gives those of us looking to growing out our own hair a chance to do so naturally and be in style while doing it!

Everyone looking for hair growth can achieve longer and stronger hair with a little discipline. So what’s the secret you ask? There is no secret! It just takes investing a little bit of time every week. Moisturizing the hair strand with an olive oil treatment weekly can do wonders for the way hair looks and feels. The Vitamins and Anti-oxidants in Olive Oil will provide the nutrients the hair needs to become more resilient to breakage thus promoting growth.

So whats the plan?  First, apply the oil treatment to the entire scalp and then proceed with saturating the hair strand. The longer you leave the treatment oil on the scalp the better. Leaving it on overnight would be fantastic but if time is of essence, do it for 20 minutes! Once the oil is applied take the time to stimulate the scalp in order to aid in the hair growth. Stimulating the scalp is simple;all you have to do is apply pressure with your fingers. Gently pressing up and down on the scalp. Please be gentle, don’t pull out existing hair!

If you have never used an olive oil hair treatment, such as our HAIR ANGEL LINE, take it from us you will love the results. Our Hair Angel Oil Treatments not only are made from fresh, high quality olive oil but they are also ENRICHED with the infusion of herbs known for their ability to condition and revitalize the hair and scalp such as:

  •  Lavender
  •  Rosemary
  •  Sage
  •  Bay leaf
  •  Nettle
  •  Cypress Cones

The results from the oil treatments will be amazing! Once you remove the treatment by shampooing, your hair will feel soft and manageable. Not to mention that your hair will smell fresh from the herbs and be amazingly shiny. Do It! Enjoy the new look and feeling of manageable flawless hair.

Are Oil Based Cosmetics For Me?

Does the idea of using an oil based cosmetic seem strange to you?  You are not alone!    Many people have the same reaction when asked how they feel about cosmetic oils or oil based beauty products.

At Aphrodite’s Oil Boutique we understand how individuals could feel this way.  That’s why we recommend, if you have never tried an oil-based product, to start out slowly by adding just a few drops of your preferred infused oil to your moisturizer. You will notice that from the first use, these few drops will transform your skin and make it feel truly hydrated.  You will see and feel a drastic difference in how refreshed and resilient the skin will feel.  As you adjust to the oil, you may gradually want to start increasing the amount of oil and reducing the amount of moisturizer being applied.  For first time oil users we recommend starting out by trying this with a gentle oil such as our Blue Passion Flower Oil or Chamomile Oil.  Try It and Please Share with us your experience on this blog post or on our FaceBook Page.

anti-wrinkleAll skin types can benefit from the use of Infused Cosmetic Oils.

Based on skin type this is why using face oil is recommended:

DRY SKIN? Individuals with dry skin will love adding an infused Cosmetic Oil to their moisturizer.  The oil will help the appearance of dry, tired looking skin by minimizing flakiness, redness, or dry patches.   Using oils on dry skin is more effective than using a moisturizer alone since it creates an even skin tone.  Why you ask?  It’s because oil products are fortified with vitamins and a well-known natural emollient.

OILY SKIN? Oily skin will also love the addition of Infused Cosmetic Oils to the skin care routine due to the fact that adding oil actually  helps balance the production of sebum creating a less oily skin.  Who would have guessed that applying oil actually tells he skin…”hey produce less oils…our owner is taking care of the oil for us!!” Many people don’t believe this concept but if you try it for yourself with our Lemon Oil, Cypress Oil or Chamomile Oil, you will see the results.

NORMAL SKIN? Lastly normal skin types can also benefit from the added moisture provided by Infused Cosmetic Oils.  Throughout the day stress, the environment, and weather will affect the skin. Moisturizing with an oil based cosmetic will help minimize the effects these stressors have on the skin by creating a line of defense.  The more moisturized the skin the more resilient it will be.

Thanks for reading our blog today.  Please test out our theory and post your thoughts.


Appreciating Quality Olive Oil

Olive oil for culinary, cosmetic and medicinal use has been known since ancient times, especially in Mediterranean countries. There are different varieties of olive trees resulting in different types of olive oil.  Some olive oils are more viscous (thicker or thinner, some have a more fruity taste but in the end there is only one way to determine exceptional quality of oil…Its acidity level.

Olive oil is produced by pressing the fruits of the the olive trees. The quality of the fruits, the time of pressing , the method of pressing the olives, the conditions used during the pressing, the method of packaging…all of these items determine the acidity level of the oil.

THE ACIDITY OF THE OIL is a measure of the free acids present in the oil. The higher the acidity the poorer the quality of the oil. Poor quality olive oil is a result of using poor quality olives due to fruit fly infestation, delays between harvesting and extraction, careless extraction methods and heat used during extraction.

Acidity levels are measured as a percentage of grams of free fatty acids or oleic acid per 100 grams of oil.

Grades of olive oil.

Ultra-premium olive oil has an acidity level of 0.3% through 0.8%

Extra virgin olive oil has an aciditity of less than 0.8%

Virgin olive oil with acidity levels from 1.5% – 2%

Ordinary Virgin Olive oil with acidity at or less than 3%


Refined Olive oil comes from further processing and refining virgin oil  and has an acidity of about 0.3%.  An example of this would be Pomace Olive oil which is refined oil that has been obtained from the final pressing of the olives under high heat. It is definitely of inferior quality since the heat exposure affects the quality and vitamins in the oil.

The term pure oil is confusing and misleading. It is a mix/blend of refined and unrefined virgin oils. It is not a pure olive oil and that is why it is so economically priced.

So to get the best possible Olive oil try to get olive that has been obtained from :

  • Pressing of the olives that have been cold pressed shortly after harvest
  • Acidity levels as close as possible to 0.3%.
  • Knowing the date of production The more recent the better.  
  • Packaged in small dark bottles and stored in cool places