Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

Will the olive oil used in the products create acne breakouts?
Olive oil on its own may (rarely) cause breakouts when used on oily skin or mixed type skin. However, with the appropriate herb infused in it, it should not!! For skin prone to acne we recommend lemon or cypress oil (or a combination of both).
How soon will I see results?
Results should be shown after a couple of uses. A more hydrated, relaxed skin will indicate that If any sign of irritation, redness or itching occurs please discontinue its use. You could be allergic to the herb(s)
Will my skin be oily after use?
No. The skin should not be oily after use. The skin will absorb the amount it needs. The rest you can remove with a tissue.
How often should I use the product?
The product is best when used in the evening. One can use a little amount of his favorite oil (a couple of trials will identify the favorite) to remove makeup and massage lightly to hydrate skin. My favorite way of using it is wetting a cotton pad with water, and putting a few drops of oil on it. Then I massage my skin lightly.
Can I use more than one of the products at the same time?
Definitely. Once you identify which infused oils work on your skin best, you can make your own combinations as well.

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