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Cypress Oil


Clear Skin Cypress Oil

“I love having acne!” said no one ever! For all of our goddess out there with trouble skin, this one’s got your name written all over it..

People with excessively oily skin, and premature signs of aging will love Cypress Oil for its exceptional ability to balance oily skin and minimize acne.

Individuals who experience dandruff can also significantly benefit from using cypress oil on their hair as it naturally eliminates dryness and flacking – resulting in clean and flake free hair that dreams are made of.

Thanks to it’s natural scent, it can be used for men too! It’s an ideal conditioner for men’s skin, as it controls excess perspiration and body odor.

If that wasn’t enough, cypress oil also increases blood circulation, aiding in reducing the visibility of Varicose Veins -so many uses in one small bottle.

Product Description

Clear Skin Cypress Oil


For Skin – Apply desired amount on cleansed skin.

For Hair – A few drops can also be added to shampoo.

INGREDIENTS: Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, fresh hand picked cypress cones.  No artificial colors, scents, or preservatives.


PRECAUTION: For cosmetic/external use only.  Do not use if flowers or herbs cause you allergies, such as skin rashes or respiratory problems.  Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes.

Additional Information


20ML, 50ML


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