What Makes us Different?

We are involved in the every step of the process, from the harvesting of the olives to the collection of the herbs, to the sealing of our packages, in order to ensure nothing but quality.­ WE LOVE WHAT WE DO so we take pride and work with passion to create exceptional products for our clients!

Our base oil and our technique differentiate us. ­ Not many oil based cosmetic producers have the ability to harvest their own oil but we do!!! We harvest our own olives from our own fields in Southern Greece.­ We pride ourselves in the acidity levels of our olive oil and ensure exceptional quality by testing our oil before it is used by our boutique.   The testing certifies low acidity levels in every drop of oil used to create every product we sell.  Why is this important?  This ensures that the oils are of exceptional quality so that they do not irritate the skin.­  Our Olive Oil is produced by cold pressing organic olives shortly after they have been collected, to guarantee extremely low acidity and an exceptional quality. It is rated extra virgin and it maintains the highest degree of cosmetic and healing properties.

In addition, we hand collect all of the herbs used in our products from our own fields located on the mountains of Greece.  This allows us to select the freshest, purest and most vibrant herbs for the creation of our products since no fertilizers or pesticides are used for their growth. ­ ­ More importantlly,  we DO NOT use heat in the creation of our products since heat affects the quality of olive oil and takes away its cosmetic properties. Finally we use no preservatives or artificial colors or perfumes.


Why an Olive Oil Based Product Line?

According to mythology the Goddess of wisdom Athena, offered the olive tree to the Greeks as a gift.  It was useful for light, heat, food, medicine and perfume. Homer called the Olive Oil “liquid gold” and Hippocrates recommended it as medicine, nominating more than sixty different uses.­ Extra virgin olive oil is a natural juice full of flavor and aroma, with high content in antioxidants and vitamins K and E.


Olive Oil is an essential part of a balanced diet.  Olive Oil is easily digested and completely absorbed by the digestive system.  Olive Oil also contains monounsaturated fat that helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, helps control high blood pressure, aids in the prevention of diabetes and some cancers, while strengthening the immune system.


The skincare benefits of olive oil have been known for thousands of years. Olive oil is a natural emollient, which is great for the skin, lips, hair, and nails. Its natural content in vitamins E and K and polyphenols make it an excellent beauty product by itself.  When used in combination with herbs and resin it makes exceptional cosmetics.  These cosmetics can be used as natural moisturizers, for deep conditioning for damaged hair and hair treatment in general, oil massages, soaps, shampoos, as eye makeup remover, wrinkle smoothing and minimizing agent, as a rejuvenator of the skin and nail strengthener.It contains monounsaturated fat that helps reduce bad cholesterol levels. It helps control high blood pressure and aids in the prevention of diabetes and some cancers, while it strengthens immune system.

The olive oil we produce and sell for eating as well as for the production of our cosmetics as well,  can be rated as ultra premium extra virgin according to the lab analysis.


Why the Theme of Goddess Aphrodite in Our Name?

According to Greek Mythology Aphrodite was the most attractive goddess of Mount Olympus.  She was the goddess of Love, Beauty and Eternal Youth, arousing desire of gods and humans as well as birds and beasts. Aphrodite was a goddess so beautiful and divine that flowers sprang upon her every footstep.  Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love and Beauty indeed.  Her beauty was so striking that very Greek god and goddess was dying to meet her.  That is why we named our boutique after her.

Aphrodite, just like our product line signifies love, beauty and eternal youth.  

ETERNAL YOUTH – Our Goal is for clients to maintain a youthful look naturally

BEAUTY – Our products are developed to ensure our customers look & feel beautiful

LOVE – We Love what we do and we want our clients to LOVE the results we deliver